05 - 2019

1st Place @ DIELINE Awards 2019 — Chicago

We won gold at the Dieline Awards for our work on the Cook & Nelson hamper.

1st place multi SKU category.

Shanghai — Chicago — New Zealand — Shanghai, was soo much fun and a great birthday adventure.

Thank you Dieline.

04 - 2019

IdN Magazine Interview — Packaging Issue

Honored to be interviewed in the latest IdN Magazine Packaging Design Special.

01 - 2019

Top 50 Most Awarded & World Brand Design Best of the Year 2018



Top 50 Most Awarded

World Brand Design Society league table ranking represents the top 50 most awarded creative agencies and designers in the field of consumer and corporate brand design. This data has been independently curated from the Notable Agencies and Works, now called the World Brand Design Awards. This is the first global league ranking dedicated to the consumer and corporate brand design, we hope it’s as insightful as it is inspiring.

Butcher & Butcher ranking at number 21.

Top 25 Best of the Year 2018

World Brand Design Society Best of the Year league table ranking represents the top 25 awarded creative agencies and designers in the field of consumer and corporate brand design in 2018.

Butcher & Butcher ranking at number 10.



03 - 2017

Responsible & Dangerous

Our work for Charles Thompson / RAD is shipping out today.

Charles Thompson: Two mates — one born in Africa and the other in New Zealand – whose shared passion for coffee saw them set about creating their own; one that was accessible, high quality and made by combining the best of both home countries.

The result is RAD: 100% sustainably-sourced African beans, blended and roasted in New Zealand. Full-bodied sweetness with a rich, smooth finish and power that doesn’t play – because if you wanted to be handled gently there’s always tea.

02 - 2017

Be – Physio & Health Updates

Phase 2 of new signage and interiors.

Photography: David St George

01 - 2017

The Build Begins

The internal way finding and external signage build is underway for Be-Physio & Health —  @bephysio

01 - 2017

A New Studio

Be – Physio & Health has a new name and studio for the new year — we were asked to create external structural signage concepts for the new premises… A few of our concepts below.

12 - 2016

Julia Paul

Some recent work for Julia Paul Shoes.

11 - 2016

Letterforms by Fred

Fred Shallcrass sketch up some beautiful type for Butcher & Butcher recently…

10 - 2016


A new identity we designed for Nightingale Group — updates to come…


09 - 2016

Timaru Urban Renaissance Network

We recently designed a new identity for TURN. “TURN is an activist group on a mission to create a thriving commercial, arts, architecture and heritage culture in downtown Timaru.” —  TURN.co.nz


06 - 2016

Work With Family

We designed new business cards for another ‘Butcher’ in the family recently. The IBA cards are printed on Curious Matter, Anita Grey, 270g with Pantone 426U.


06 - 2016

London Loop

We traveled through Europe looping back to London a few moons ago now… Unfortunately not all destinations had these beautiful souvenir spoons for us to collect. To commemorate our journey we asked Mark Barber to shoot our collection of ‘silver’ souvenirs — beautifully kitsch.


05 - 2016

Novum Magazine Interview

We’re excited to feature in the 05.16 issue Novum Magazine — Germany.

“Elegant geprägt und mit edler Heißfolie versehen, macht schon das Cover neugierig auf das novum-plus-Thema Packaging: Von Bieretiketten über Kaffeedosen bis hin zu Kosmetikverpackungen – feine Hüllen für Süßwaren, Produkte im Luxussegment sowie für den Massenmarkt. Der Showroom präsentiert schließlich ausgezeichnetes Grafikdesign von Studio Una, Heyday, Re-Public, ITAL/C, Rubio & Del Amo sowie aus dem Bureau Progressiv. Eine spannende kreative Weltreise, die Sie sich nicht entgehen lassen sollten!” — Novum Magazine.



04 - 2016

Iron & Wood

Copper & Wood is our contribution to a group art show called Iron & Wood, presented by A.L.C Apparel. Artists from around New Zealand, Australia and the U.S came together for the first time showcasing work on motorcycle gas tanks and skateboards — with slight irreverence our piece was made by electroplating a skateboard in copper.

Copper skateboard, iron & wood

12 - 2015

Decent Exposure with Noah Butcher

“This week’s Decent Exposure welcomes one of Manual’s earliest designers, Noah Butcher. We put the man responsible for some of Manual’s most experimental covers in the spotlight to discuss his influences, processes and favourites in the current age of graphic design. — Supported by ProGear“.

You can read the interview over at manualmagazine.com.

5-Manual-Posters-noah-butcher 2

 Magazine Posters / Covers — 2002, 2003.

07 - 2013

New Approaches to Packaging Design

Boxed & labelled Two! — showcasing our early brand and packaging design for Eighthirty Coffee Roasters in 2009. Not sure about their copy editing though.

“Boxed & Labelled Two! is a compelling exploration of the power of state-of-the-art packaging design today and documents its main strategic directions—all of which address a longing for “truthfulness.” Because our relationship to food products has changed so drastically in the last few years, especially in regard to the importance we place on the source and quality of ingredients, the majority of the examples in this book are food-related. But other examples from a wide spectrum of products also highlight the traits that distinguish those on the cutting edge of the evolution in packaging concepts.” — Published by Gestalten Books in Berlin.

Packaging book-1